ASCAP Screen Music Awards 2016

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ASCAP Screen Music Awards 2016


What a night!  Yesterday’s ASCAP Screen Music Awards, formerly known as the ASCAP Film & TV Awards was a memorable evening for us and our CEO/Founder David Vanacore.  David was humbly honored with four Top Television Awards for our custom music on Big Brother 17, Survivor: Cambodia, Survivor: Worlds Apart, and Undercover Boss.

The awards ceremony became an even more memorable experience as David was handed the award for Most Performed Themes and Underscore by his friend and mentor Mike Post, the legendary TV composer who gave David his first shot on Steven Bochco’s Renegade.  As we all know… it was history from there.

After 15 years of attending the ASCAP Awards, David was given the mic and his speech was no-less than inspiring for all those listening as he thanked all of the ‘withouts’ that have helped him throughout his successful career.  From Mark Burnett, Craig Piligian, Mike Post, to Art Ford (the man who got him his first gig with the band POKO), he acknowledged the many people, whom ‘without’, his career wouldn’t be what it is today.  With that, he closed his speech thanking the amazing ASCAP board that stands up and fights for the rights of all composers, and songwriters.

We feel grateful and blessed for the honors and awards from last night’s memorable night. Thanks to everyone who has been part of the ride.  Cheers to all of the ‘Withouts’!


David’s memorable acceptance speech…

“There are so many ‘withouts’ in your life and nobody knows how they got there or where you run into these people…we’re all thankful for the ‘withouts’.  Without them, we wouldn’t be in this room…”


a rare performance of The Apprentice & Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader theme song…




some great pictures we’d like to share…


“I want to thank the people at ASCAP, the board, without you going to Congress and fighting for us there is no future.  Thanks for what you  guys do, all the hard work so we can stay in the studios, it doesn’t go unnoticed by any of us…”

IMAGE 7_ASCAP 2016_David Vanacore

David & the ASCAP Board (Shawn LeMone , Beth Mathews, Paul Williams, and John Titta)

david performs at ascap awards 2016

David Performs Live

mike post hands david vancore ascap award

Mike Post hands David Vanacore ASCAP Top Composer Most Peformed Themes & Underscore Award

IMAGE 2_ASCAP 2016_David Vanacore

David’s Acceptance Speech

IMAGE 3_ASCAP 2016_David Vanacore

David & Lisa Vanacore


IMAGE 4_ASCAP 2016_David Vanacore

David & Lee Vanacore

IMAGE 6_ASCAP 2016_David Vanacore

David Receives ASCAP’s Most Performed Themes & Underscore Award

IMAGE 8_ASCAP 2016_David Vanacore

Craig Armstrong is honored with the Henry Mancini Award

IMAGE 5_ASCAP 2016_David Vanacore

David performs music from The Apprentice & Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader


and lets not forget….the Top Television Awards!






Fore more information about ASCAP’s Music Screens Awards:




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