One Hell Of A Milestone

Posted on 28 Oct 14 Vanacore Music Notes | 1 Comment

Variety celebrates the man behind the hellish kitchen on TV that we’ve all grown to love!

Gordon Ramsay, host to 4 shows, producer of One Potato Two Potato, owner of 24 restaurants worldwide, triathlete and more, celebrates his successful billion dollar brand.  It all began with Hell’s Kitchen, a fan favorite, which has now reached 200 episodes.  We’ve been working with Gordon and his production team since its inception and are honored to be the music behind the show!

CONGRATULATIONS to Gordon and his production team at One Potato Two Potato!

See our congratulatory ad in Variety’s magazine below and take a peek at the article HERE.

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1 Comment

  1. Thomas Offord

    Please release the music for Hell’s Kitchen as it has hit 200 episodes. And we can celebrate you as well for producing music for 200 episodes.

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