Wall Street Journal’s Inside Look At Reality TV Music

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Wall Street Journal takes an inside look at the breadth and depth of music created by composers for Reality TV.  

Mr. Matthews from the Wall Street Journal recalls, ‘Vanacore Music, is a heavyweight in the unscripted genre — and some documentaries — composing for hits including “The Apprentice,” “Big Brother, ” and “Hell’s Kitchen.”  Our very own David Vanacore, CEO of Vanacore Music, had no idea of the success a composer could have in the Reality TV genre, stating, “If you would have told me this 15 years ago, I would have said you’re out of your mind” quotes WSJ.  

Enjoy reading the WSJ’s perspective on our little corner of the universe! When Things Get Real on TV, Music Pays Real Well

Wall Street Journal gives us a shout out as they count down the 5 top music scenarios covered by composers in Reality TV.


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