SESAC Film And TV Composer Awards 2015

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SESAC hit the Santa Monica shores at the ocean-front Casa Del Mar Hotel to celebrate 2014’s top composers for Film, Television and Cable shows/programs.  Among the award winners was Andrew Kaiser, one of our very own composers, who we are proud to say is part of the Vanacore team.

Andrew Kaiser was honored with a Cable Television Award for a 5th year in a row.  Andrew has been cranking out tunes for Vanacore since 2006, composing underscore for shows ranging from memorable throwbacks like Nanny 911 to some of Reality’s biggest hits like Survivor, Big Brother and The Apprentice.


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Andrew Kaiser and SESAC’s VP of Film/Television/Developing Media Erin Collins

For the full list of winners and more information about the awards visit:

Vanacore Music is an award-winning production music company for television, film, advertising, and digital media.  We’ve been providing our custom music division, production music libraries and music licensing expertise to producers for 20 years.


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