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Imagine a world where a small group of individuals could re-write their own rules and create their own society from the ground up. FOX is bringing us just that this September on the ground breaking Reality TV social experiment, UTOPIA.

UTOPIA will follow 15 strangers as they attempt to build a society while they cope with a pregnant women due in December, monthly eliminations that will rotate new cast members throughout the show, and the every day struggle of seeing eye-to-eye on issues that will affect the community as a whole.

The producers of the show reached out to us in search of the perfect sound for the much anticipated show and we were more than happy to accept.  Our team has been hard at work for the past couple of months as we create an underscore that will captivate and draw you in every week for the next couple of months!

Tune in Sunday, September 7th on FOX for the a wild ride.  Welcome to Utopia.


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