Variety + Vanacore On The Sounds of Reality

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Variety &  Vanacore On The  Many Sounds of Reality TV Programming

Variety runs through the Sounds of Reality that propel the emotions and story lines of Reality TV in this interview with our witty composer/CEO, David Vanacore.

Although viewers may not realize it, music has a big role in the emotional roller coaster they ride every time they tune into their favorite unscripted show. As David challenges us in the article, imagine a reality show without music…it just wouldn’t be the same.

Dive into Variety’s run-through of the evolving role of music in unscripted below.

Variety Magaine article on The Sounds of Reality. David Vanacore Interview.

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1 Comment

  1. Yes, I totally agree with David. Music playes an integral part of all televised and film scenarios. The music is what truly brings the scene to life . For example, take a good old fashioned horror film and add the music of an upbeat comedy and tell me if the horror is still as scary as it would be without the intense thrilling music underlying its scenes. It would most likely be comical . Rocco Barbato ( Donny and Marie Show )

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